• Namaste Program Banner

    A gentle touch often says what words can’t

    With touch and hearing the last senses to go in people with advanced dementia, the Namaste Care program at Uniting AgeWell residential facilities aims to improve their end of life...
    Published: 25 September 2023
    Category: Organisational
  • Liz and Mary Graco banner

    The dementia journey – still telling it like it is

    Much has been written about the dementia journey. But what is it like living it? For Dementia Action Week we revisited Bendigo mother and daughter, Mary and Liz Graco who...
    Published: 18 September 2023
    Category: Home Care
  • Sagun Hamal Web banner

    The dementia learning revolution

    t’s as big a commitment as Uniting AgeWell can make. Every single member of our, almost 4,000 workforce, across Tasmania and Victoria will undertake mandatory dementia learning to help them...
    Published: 18 September 2023
    Category: Organisational
  • New Normal banner

    Making the most of the ‘new normal’

    John Connell has gone from sitting on the couch sleeping his way through his dementia journey to having a good time with a whole new circle of friends!
    Published: 18 September 2023
    Category: AgeWell Centres
  • Dementia care banner

    Meeting the dementia challenge

    Dementia is proving one of the biggest challenges facing the aged care sector. To address the extent of the challenge, Uniting AgeWell is progressively implementing an organisation-wide response detailed in...
    Published: 18 September 2023
    Category: Organisational
  • Talking mental health banner

    Talking Mental Health paves pathway to wellbeing

    Talking Mental Health – a research study partnership between Uniting AgeWell, Flinders University and the National Ageing Research Institute (NARI) – is looking at guidelines, procedures and implementation strategies to...
    Published: 11 September 2023
    Category: Organisational
  • Community Chat Winter 2023

    The friendship tonic

    Italian-born nonna Connie Natoli loves chatting to her friends and eating pizza and pasta with coffee – there must be coffee. The laughter mounts as fast as the cups are...
    Published: 11 September 2023
    Category: Community Home Support Programs
  • Mens mental health banner

    Making mental health blokes’ business

    Many men find themselves at a bit of a loss when work life changes or they find themselves on their own. The Uniting AgeWell Social Connections Program provides support to...
    Published: 11 September 2023
    Category: AgeWell Centres
  • Do be feel banner

    The cards that get people really talking

    In collaboration with Swinburne University, the ‘Do Be Feel’ toolkit helps our staff connect with customers and understand what makes each customer unique.
    Published: 11 September 2023
    Category: Residential Care
  • Dossy banner

    Staying connected with Dossy

    Staying connected to our loved ones and community is important for both our mental and physical wellbeing. That’s why Uniting AgeWell has partnered with Dossy.co, the University of Melbourne and...
    Published: 11 September 2023
    Category: Organisational

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