Live well, age well

Our focus is on supporting older people to experience a sense of wellbeing, choice and independence at every age and stage of their lives; to feel valued members of their community and to have easy access to the services they need to live the life they want.

Helping you to live the life you want

At Uniting AgeWell, we take a different approach to ageing.

The AgeWell philosophy is built on the recognition that people want to grow old in their own community. To be as independent as possible and have purpose. And to be valued and make a contribution.

AgeWell recognises the different stages of the ageing process. These are reflected in the services you may choose to support your goals, while offering service continuity and peace of mind as your needs change.

Our aim is to support everyone on their individual ageing journey through choice, autonomy, flexibility and community.

The Uniting AgeWell Service Model has six elements: Connect, Being, Assist, Restore, Care and Palliate.

Our approach to mental health and wellbeing

At Uniting AgeWell, we embrace an holisitic definition of mental health, with a commitment to the advancement of person-centred care for older people and a focus on overall wellbeing we help you to age well and live life to your full potential.

We take an integrated approach to promoting mental health and wellbeing that brings together bio-medical, emotional and social elements.

Across the spectrum of care we focus on our customers' quality of life and fulfillment, rather than simply responding to mental health problems or illness.

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Wilma panel

Our approach to dementia care

A diagnosis of dementia brings with it a range of concerns, considerations and emotions. Uniting AgeWell supports people and their families to live well with choice and peace of mind along their dementia journey.

Learn more about dementia, how to care for a person with dementia and how we support people with dementia at Uniting AgeWell.

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Dementia and everyday life

Our approach to spiritual care

Uniting AgeWell provides spiritual care that is committed to listening deeply to individual needs by providing opportunities for different expressions of spirituality and responding in ways that are appropriate, inclusive and respectful.

The spiritual care we offer is broad in nature. It may include religious care based in religious traditions or secular care. It also creates space for individual expressions of spirituality in a way that may be most meaningful to you.

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Chaplain Alisha Fung talks with residents at Uniting AgeWell Camberwell Community, Condare Court
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