TSO performance thrills residents

It’s a once in a lifetime experience when a five-piece orchestra plays in your lounge room!

The residents at Newnham Community Aldersgate Village enjoyed every second of the pop-up performance by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (TSO) recently.

Uniting AgeWell and the TSO have worked together for over five years, sharing a passion for music’s transformative power.

The residents dressed up for the concert and were transported by the stirringly beautiful performance, which saw them clapping and dancing in their seats.

“Music is such a powerful tool” says Residential Services Manager Audette Groenewold. “The residents loved it, I got goose bumps witnessing the absolute joy on their faces.”

TSO development manager Cath Adams said research shows engaging in music improves social connections, alleviates stress, enhances mood, and provides an overall positive shift in wellbeing.

"Residents get to enjoy the beautiful escapism that music brings, that takes you away from that present day to another place," Ms Adams said.

After the performance, the orchestra members joined the residents for a sumptuous afternoon tea of sweet and savoury delicacies, though almost everyone gave the tea a miss and drank champagne!

“The orchestra members chatted and laughed with the residents, and everyone had an absolutely wonderful time,” says Audette.

Coverage of the event appeared on 7 News and WIN TV News in Tasmania and also in The Examiner newspaper.