Being the best version of herself

Meet Joyce Thuku who travelled across the world to be the best version of herself in her chosen career.

And the Kenyan-born and raised occupational therapist, who works as a Short-Term Restorative Care Advisor at Uniting AgeWell, is delighted to be enabling her clients to be the healthiest versions of themselves too.

The Short Term Restorative Care program focuses on promoting health, wellness, independence and safety by providing Allied Health therapy, aids and equipment to clients in their homes, which Joyce sums up as a “holistic approach” to improving the older person’s life.

The theme of Harmony Week, from March 20 – 26, is ‘Everyone Belongs’ and it presents an opportunity for us to celebrate what we practice each and every day. That everyone belongs. Inclusiveness is not only championed by Uniting AgeWell, but enshrined in our blueprint and is one of our five values – the others are kindness, respect, integrity and innovation. A snapshot of our staff shows that 42 per cent were born overseas representing 363 countries and speaking 38 different languages.

Joyce started working in both private and public hospital and community settings, and then a year ago joined Uniting AgeWell. “I’ve always had an affinity for older people,” Joyce explains. “I have a good rapport with them, I feel a huge amount of compassion and empathy for them.”

She feels incredibly valued at Uniting AgeWell and is proud to work for an organisation that not only embraces multi-culturalism but has inclusiveness as one of its core values. A snapshot of Uniting AgeWell’s staff shows that 42 per cent were born overseas representing 363 countries and speaking 38 different languages.

“I feel valued, my opinion matters and I enjoy working with my highly dedicated team,” says Joyce. “It’s great to feel like my ideas are taken seriously and that I can make a positive change not only to clients’ lives, but to the organisation itself. This approach encourages me to learn as much as I can and to be the best version of myself.”

In her spare time, Joyce is a busy mum to her teenage daughter, loves the great Australian outdoors, camping and going to the beach.

She’s been back to Kenya several times - but when the plane touches down on the runway at Tullamarine Airport, she knows she’s home.

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