Spiritual Care Week 2022

Spiritual Care Week is time to shine a spotlight on this care that Uniting AgeWell places on an equal footing to physical, mental and social needs.

We'll be sharing insights this week to highlight chaplaincy in action, recognising and celebrating chaplains, spiritual carers and many others who provide this care, currently in residential care, and hopefully in the future, in home and community care.

Uniting AgeWell offers spiritual and pastoral care- regardless of what value beliefs a person holds. A woman who holds atheist beliefs finds her connection through music, and there are some who want to be in a facility that mirrors their own values.

Whoever you are, whatever you believe or do not believe, our spiritual care team offer deep listening, skilled reflection, compassion and kindness.

If the recent pandemic has taught us anything, it is the importance of paying attention to our thoughts and feelings, our emotional and spiritual needs - our spirituality.

Spirituality is the central part of our being human, our inner world; that core part of us that holds our values, beliefs, and how we make sense of life and the world.

This week we also celebrate Uniting AgeWell’s commitment to the field of spirituality and spiritual care, through sharing the Uniting AgeWell Spirituality Framework. The framework is a foundational document for how Uniting AgeWell understands spirituality, spiritual, secular and religious care across all levels of the organisation. This includes staff as well the people we serve.

The framework is a commitment to listen deeply to individual needs, provide opportunities for different expressions of spirituality, and spiritual and secular needs, and to respond in ways that are appropriate, inclusive and respectful.

Learn more about Uniting AgeWell’s Spirituality Framework and approach to Spiritual Care