Receive the gracious love of God this Easter

Receive the gracious love of God this Easter

This year the time of Lent and Easter has a particular weight to it. The familiar stories of Jesus found in different books of the bible have led us through his journey into the desert, a precious time with friends, sharing food and drink, being anointed, and leading to a cross where Jesus was tortured and crucified by the Roman occupiers of Palestine. While this is not the forum for a long exploration of what resurrection means, we might this year be asking, what does it mean to be a follower of Jesus in 2024? To live in hope and love that is real, filled with grace, and found across humanity and creation.

In recent months we have seen horrific war, and systematic destruction of communities across the political and religious lands of Palestine and Israel. We have watched the war between Ukraine and Russia, and many other wars continuing.

For some of the UA community this is a lived trauma, as family and friends suffer and struggle. For some it is a reminder of other tragic political, community, and religious struggles. Our hearts are with you.

This Easter, let us ask what it means to be human, once again seeing the living Christ and receiving the love of God into our hearts. As we move through grief, hurts, and daily challenges, may we take the love we have been shown, and share it with the world. Let us invite hearts to expand, imagination to flourish, and beauty to find its resting place.

Rev Clare Brockett

Director of Mission