Gen Y embrace aged care nursing

Dennis Baluyut is one of an increasing number of career-savvy young professionals embracing nursing in aged care.

And Uniting AgeWell is excited to be welcoming a new generation of nurses seeking the whole of person care approach for which the organisation is renowned.

Today, on International Nurses Day, it's time to shine a light on a noble profession that's in global demand.

Dennis, 32, who is a nurse at Uniting AgeWell Camberwell Community, Condare Court, deliberately chose aged care as his career path because of the affinity he feels for older people - and because of the upward trajectory it offers. Dennis intends to study further with the aim of one day being promoted to Residential Services Manager at one of Uniting AgeWell's residential sites. A career path many nurses have followed.

Dennis, pictured here with resident, Christine, was born in Saudi Arabia, moved with his parents to the Philippines during the Gulf War and was raised there by his grandparents. "That's how I developed a huge respect and admiration for older people," Dennis explains.

He came to Australia through a Migrant Bridging Program and studied a Graduate Certificate in Nursing; International Registered Nurse Entry in Cairns through the Central University of Queensland. He moved to Victoria to join his friends - and the rest is history.

He started at Uniting AgeWell in August 2020, working at two sites before moving to Condare Court.

Aged care nursing fascinates him. "There's so much to learn about - wound care, palliative and dementia care, holistic care that creates wellness and wellbeing. It's fascinating," he says. "The science around aged care nursing is advancing so rapidly, it's a pretty exciting field to be in."

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