Meet Uniting AgeWell Exercise Physiologist Emily Tahiri, who loves seeing the results of her care in action.

She’ll bend over backwards to help her clients at Forest Hill AgeWell Centre bend over forwards. And she’s never happier than seeing them become more supple and mobile to go out and embrace all the adventures that their lives have to offer.

Like when she heard that one of her clients from Forest Hill AgeWell Centre was on a river cruise in Europe! In the lead up to the trip Emily had been on a different kind of journey with the client and was delighted at the outcome.

“When I initially assessed the client, she said she had planned the river cruise but did not feel confident because of her balance,” explains Emily. “After two months of focusing on mobility, balance and strengthening exercises, she no longer relied on a walking stick and was confident about walking on uneven surfaces, up slopes and even upstairs! Moreover she went from having multiple falls to none!”

It’s stories like this that make Emily’s day. Some are less ambitious – like being able to walk to the shopping centre, go upstairs and experience fewer falls. All are equally life changing.

“It’s hugely rewarding to see older people’s confidence grow, and the quality of their life improve,” says Emily. “The physical changes bring about mental changes too. It’s wonderful to witness this in action.”

Aged Care Employee Day falls on Monday August 7 this year. We are using this occasion to celebrate all that people like Emily and the 3,900 plus other people across Uniting AgeWell do in making a difference to the lives of older people.

The care they provide is constant and unwavering, day in and day out. It is hugely appreciated, not only by the organisation but by the people they help.

Emily studied a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and has been practising for almost six years. She’s been with Uniting AgeWell for the last three years and has a passion for working with older people. Her main areas of interest include exercise, balance and falls prevention, managing Parkinson’s disease, and managing and preventing osteoporosis.

Emily does her initial assessment and then works with the client to create goals. Then she personalises an exercise and fitness regime to enable them to achieve these goals - and more! Emily is also able to refer the client to other health practitioners – podiatrists, GPs, an exercise group. Whatever helps them.

Emily certainly practices what she preaches. She goes to the gym with her husband, which works well as they motivate each other to attend. They both do yoga to help with flexibility, stress management and to improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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