Shayne Armstead thinks outside the box. But he also thinks what to do with the box itself and how to make an app for it so it can be used across the organisation to make life easier for staff and the older people they support.

He goes by the title Uniting AgeWell Head of Applications and leads a team of 10, but what he does, in simple terms, is to come up with technology applications to streamline work processes for staff and for residents.

For example, he’s come up with innovations that include putting apps on staff phones to streamline the work practices for our Home Care staff and the AlayaCare app which means staff on the floor can view a resident’s requirements without having to carry sheafs of paper and files around with them.

Shayne and his team operate in the software innovation space, but he also likes to see those innovations through to implementation.

“I’m the quiet behind-the-scenes person making this happen,” Shayne explains. “What drives me is seeing these ideas in action. Seeing how it streamlines procedures for staff, which means more streamlined care for residents and clients.”

Melbourne born and bred Shayne, who has a Bachelor of Business degree under his belt, joined Uniting AgeWell in 2000.

“It’s not what attracted me to working in aged care, but what’s kept me here,” Shayne says. “I like working for an organisation that makes a difference to the lives of older people and that has social responsibility running through its DNA”

Shayne was one of a handful of the organisation’s nearly 3,900 employees who were selected to take part in Unitng AgeWell’s Strategic Leaders Course. He has enjoyed it, and say he hopes it makes him a better manager and leader.

“I like working for an organisation that reflects my values,” says Shayne. “Uniting AgeWell is also committed to growing its people.”

In his spare time Shayne loves sport and is a family man who loves spending time with his wife, an accountant, and his two sons.

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