A shining example

Meet Glen Brun, who is still spreading his shine after two decades - or roughly half his life – in order to keep residents safe.

He's the Cleaning Supervisor at Uniting AgeWell Hawthorn Community and his role has never been more important than during the last two years of the pandemic.

And the deep cleaning he's expert at, entails extra scrubbing, including all the touch points, often while wearing full PPE.

And while he’s pretty handy with a mop and bucket and not afraid of a bit of disinfectant, it was sheer dedication and passion for the job that keeps him smiling, often behind his face mask and visor, each and every day.

The 50-year-old is happy to report that the shine still hasn't faded from his job.

He’s been at Hawthorn for the last two years, and prior to that was at other Uniting AgeWell sites before helping set up the cleaning regime at Uniting AgeWell Preston Community. His expertise is well known. He’s helped out at Andrew Kerr Care, setting up their cleaning trolleys and helping them transition to microfiber mops, when they became part of Uniting AgeWell.

“I know all the Hawthorn residents by name and always say good morning to them,” he explains. “But still, the best thing about the job is being part of the Uniting AgeWell family.”

Glen started his career in aged care by working as an orderly and doing odd jobs at one of the residential sites. “Age care chose me!” he says.

Outside of work, Glen lives in Croydon and loves going camping with his wife and two children and his Jack Russell, Roxy. His loves taking his van up to the Murray and cooking on his Webber out in the bush.

He also enjoys playing the trumpet – but he’s modest and would never toot his own horn about his playing abilities!

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