Something for everyone

There's something for everyone in the beautiful gardens at Uniting AgeWell Sorell Community Ningana, east of Hobart.

And in the midst of the glorious reds, yellows and oranges that characterise Autumn, we're proud to highlight the treasure trove of different experiences the garden affords.

Over the last 20 or so years Craig Tilyard of Tas Pro Mow has managed the gardens.

There are nine courtyards on the site, each of them unique. One is a veggie garden with fruit trees, another is home to the chickens. One of the courtyards has lavender and scented plants where residents and staff love sitting, another is ablaze with colourful dahlia and rhododendrons. Then there's a community BBQ area, and another contemplative area with sculptures and plaques where families can even hold memorial services.

Not to be forgotten is the talking parrot, Charlie, who is in one of the courtyards and always chirps "hello" to anyone coming in. Craig reckons he's a bit of a ladies' man though - the bird chats far more to women than to men.

Because many of the rooms look out onto the courtyards, so Craig always ensures that bright seasonal flowers are in bloom, to add a splash of colour.

Uniting AgeWell Lifestyle Manager Sharon Levey says gardening gives residents huge enjoyment and a sense of purpose - it is wonderful to plant seedlings and then watch them grow and produce flowers and fruit or veggies which can be picked. All residential sites have raised planter boxes they can easily reach.

"It is in nurturing a garden that residents themselves feel nurtured" she says. Sharon also says being outdoors in the fresh air is also great for residents' emotional and physical wellbeing, and that most UA sites have active garden clubs.

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