Home among the gum trees

Margaret Bail loves learning about the Echuca area through the eyes of its older residents, who helped shape the beautiful Campaspe region into what it is today.

She’s a home care worker at Uniting AgeWell, and her clients are scattered the length and breadth of the vast shire.

Margaret loves driving long distances to clients – and particularly enjoys the snapshot of farm life she sees. “Some clients have been farmers all their lives,” she explains. “They love the land – and they’re so grateful for the care I provide, which enables them to continue to live well at home. They smile and say ‘thank you,’ and that makes my day!”

She also loves listening to their stories, as she busies herself around their homes providing personal care, domestic assistance and support. Margaret loves hearing how they forged their lives in this beautiful area where Mother Nature with her heat, floods, drought and bushfires certainly grows people tough!

“They have so much wisdom, so much knowledge,” Margaret says. “It is a huge privilege to be able to help these wonderful people.”


Margaret has only been with Uniting AgeWell for a short time, but already feels part and parcel of the Uniting AgeWell family.

“They’re very supportive and friendly, and I like it that everyone is encouraged to learn and be the best that they can,” she says.

Margaret knows all about the importance of support. She moved up to Echuca to be close to her family, including to help out with her five grandchildren ranging in age from ten down to six months.

Prior to this Margaret worked in Melbourne doing aged care services for a shire. She first started working in aged care for the Shire of Campaspe, before its services were transitioned over to aged care providers.

And in the lead-up to Aged Care Employee Day, it's time to pay tribute to Margaret - and all our employees at Uniting AgeWell. And to share what so many of our residents and clients say each and every day. “Thanks for caring”.

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