An inner and outer journey

Jane Buck counts each and every day she lives at Uniting AgeWell Preston Community as a blessing.

She moved to Preston Community to be closer to her daughter, and Jane has found, to her joy, it not only caters for her physical and emotional wellbeing, but also for her spiritual needs.

The 82-year-old has been working on writing her memoir with Chaplain Chris Turner. And the two have formed a deep, abiding friendship. She always attends the services as well as the weekly group chat and meditation sessions the Interfaith Minister holds.

They resonate not only with Jane but with residents from a broad range of religious, spiritual and secular beliefs. “Nothing is off limits,” Chris says. “We discuss things openly, freely and respectfully.”

It is, quite simply, Uniting AgeWell’s Spiritual Care Framework in action.

Jane also takes comfort in giving back. The devout Anglican is on the Palliative Care Committee at Preston Community.

Jane has been through enough peaks and troughs in her colourful life spanning Zimbabwe, South Africa, the UK and of course Australia, to know when she has found peace. And she has. The mother-of-three often heads off to Doncaster Shopping Centre with one of the close friends she’s made at Preston Community, goes to art classes and loves walking around the beautiful garden at the site.

“It’s home,” the keen patchwork quilter says. “And I’m happy.”

And she still has her memories of caravanning twice around Australia, being educated at a finishing school in the UK, running a B&B in country Victoria and a whole lot more to include in her memoir!

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