Remaining physically active as we age is extremely important. But doing the right exercise for our ability is also essential.

Uniting AgeWell’s specialised seniors gyms - known as HUR Gyms - enable you to exercise using equipment specifically designed for seniors, with programs tailored to your abilities and limitations.

Whether you are undergoing rehabilitation for an injury or illness, want to build strength and conditioning or simply maintain your fitness, our specialised gyms cater for all your exercise needs.

What is the HUR Gym?

  • Helsinki University Research (HUR) gym health and fitness equipment
  • Specifically designed for use by seniors and people with disabilities
  • Developed in Finland and based on 25 years of research and development

Specialised HUR Gym for seniors

  • Equipment and programs are tailored to a person's abilities and limitations
  • Air resistance equipment reduces stress on joints and connective tissues
  • Smart card technology enables programs to be set by allied health professionals and adapted as necessary
  • Designed for independent use, reducing the need for assistance or guidance and enabling you to set your own pace
  • Operates as a fully supervised and supported gym environment

Health benefits

  • Reduced falls - through strength and balance training, it is possible to effectively prevent falls and fall-related injuries
  • Improved mental health - participation in supervised exercise groups offsets loneliness, increases self-confidence
  • Improved strength and fitness - easier to perform tasks around the home Improved continence through increased muscle strength
  • Increased energy levels
Uniting AgeWell has three HUR Gyms in Forest Hill, Noble Park and Oakleigh.

Maintaining strong bodies with unique exercise program

Mima Mitchell is full of energy and enthusiasm.  She attends a unique Uniting AgeWell gym program and as a result feels stronger and more agile.

The Helsinki University Research (HUR) gym program uses specially designed air resistance exercise equipment and smart card technology tailored to support older people to maintain and regain fitness levels. 

“I am so impressed with the gym. It’s a restrained program where you can just do it at your own pace,” the 78-year-old says. “It’s all geared to your body by the exercise physiologist, and it’s good to have other people around to support each other.”

Featured Story Mima Mitchel
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