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AgeWell Restore

Accessing therapies and assistive technology to restore and maintain your health, independence and wellbeing.

Remaining active as we age is an essential ingredient to maintaining physical health and mental wellbeing.

AgeWell has a range of restorative services that can assist you to regain or maintain your strength and resilience, whether you live at home or in supported care. These include exercise programs, aids and equipment, strength and resilience training, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, podiatry, memory support and education.

Group sessions at our day therapy centres give the added benefit of restoring your wellbeing in a social setting, helping to build confidence, independence and happiness.

Maintaining strong bodies with unique exercise program

Mima Mitchell is full of energy and enthusiasm.  She attends a unique Uniting AgeWell gym program and as a result feels stronger and more agile.

The Helsinki University Research (HUR) gym program uses specially designed air resistance exercise equipment and smart card technology tailored to support older people to maintain and regain fitness levels. 

“I am so impressed with the gym. It’s a restrained program where you can just do it at your own pace,” the 78-year-old says. “It’s all geared to your body by the exercise physiologist, and it’s good to have other people around to support each other.”

Featured Story Mima Mitchel
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