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Safe Visiting Guidelines

The level of community transmission of COVID-19 continues to impact every aspect of community life. It has been particularly difficult for aged care services, as many have already experienced.

Uniting AgeWell permits two visitors per resident per day unless a site is in lockdown.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have access to the number of Rapid Antigen Tests (RAT) and staff that would be needed to test every visitor to our residential care facilities. Whilst we are not mandating a current negative RAT result prior to each visit, we strongly encourage visitors to undergo a RAT and confirm a negative result before entering our facilities.

By reducing the number of people entering our facilities, we hope to reduce infection risk.

We ask that you continue to follow our Safe Visiting Guidelines to help us protect those in our care and our staff. Please take time to read the full guidelines by clicking here.

These guidelines are subject to change based on a daily risk assessment that seeks to balance the health, safety and wellbeing of both residents and staff and the level of community transmission.

Unvaccinated visitor arrangements also remain, including mandatory PPE and a maximum 1 hour visit duration.

Excluded Visitors

While visitors are allowed, under the Care Facilities Directions, some people are not permitted to enter a care facility. This includes people who:

  • have symptoms of COVID-19;
  • have had a COVID-19 test because they have symptoms or have attended an exposure site and are waiting for the result;
  • are required to isolate or quarantine;
  • have had contact with a COVID positive person in the past 14 days.
  • Have had contact with a COVID-19 positive person in the past:
    • 7 days if the visitor is fully vaccinated, is a close contact and has not returned a negative COVID-19 PCR test; or
    • 14 days if the visitor is not fully vaccinated or is a close contact and not returned a negative COVID-19 PCR test.
Safe Visiting Guidelines - Victoria

For previous communications read more in the Uniting AgeWell COVID-19 Communications Archive.

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